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Disposable culture contributes to landfill and CO2 emissions. Quality wool is about robust construction and robust good looks: this means it’ll last, and you’ll want it to last. Wool is sustainable. Sheep produce new fleeces each year. It’s biodegradable. Discarded natural wool fibres take only a few years to decompose, where most synthetics are much slower to degrade.

Wool is a Breathable Insulator
Wool is one of the most effective materials for all-weather clothing. It helps keep you warm when you’re cold, and it releases heat and moisture when you’re hot.

Wool Fits
The natural elasticity of wool helps a garment keep its shape. You can bend one fibre 20,000 times and it won’t break. Wool stretches with the wearer and fibres return to the original formation.

Wool is Safe
Wool has a naturally high UV protection, much higher than cotton and most synthetics. Wool is also, due to its high water and nitrogen content, naturally flame retardant. It has a higher ignition threshold than many other fibres.

Easy Care
Natural wool has a wonderful hue and is colourfast when dyed. Wool fibres have a protective layer that helps prevent the absorption of stains. Wool also picks up less dust than other fibres, as it’s static-resistant.

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