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Just to keep it quick and simple : Thank You!

The Cardigan is the best, thickest & warmest knitwear I've ever had.(And also a wonderful gift) It's a great quality and it keep me warm and classy whatever the weather.

Moreover, it matches my customer values (made in western Europe)



Hello again

I received the sweater today (Saturday), and was really impressed by the extremely fast delivery. The sweater itself was as expected, high quality and great looking, and this time in lovely blue!. Now I can only hope for some more colder weather, so I can wear it.

Thank you for your excellent service. I'll probably be back for some more purchases in the future.



I write as the proud owner of several North Sea sweaters. I want simply to commend you on the outstanding quality and stylishness of your products. Your sweaters rank highly amongst the finest items of clothing i have ever possessed. I love that each is highly individual by colour, design and style. I also love the warmth these sweaters afford and that with each wearing they always remain as tight and fresh as when worn for the first time. Seriously, thank you for producing such great products.

One of the most powerful keys to our memory is the sense of smell... who does not remember being a child and that sweet smell of a sweetshop or the ice/cream van that would stop on the street after serenading us with its chimes... the smell of the icecream and summer... I am certain I am not alone having experienced memories of a past girlfriend or lover when we unexpectedly experience someone wearing the same perfume... Today I awoke to the sound of the postman hammering on my door... I lay in bed and in a split second weighed-up the for s and against s of jumping out of a warm bed... I found myself at the doorstep in just a pair of shorts signing for a parcel and being handed a postcard by a smiling postman... he wished me happy birthday ? ugh ?? how did he know ?? The postcard of course.... Anyway... back to the sense of smell and memories... The parcel was from North Sea Clothing As I opened the parcel the smell of the wool and the lanolin wafted up to meet me... in an instant I were transported back to another life... decades before... and to a moment in time when I were serving in the Royal Navy... like thousands before me I were issued heavy Seamans sweaters... the traditional, heavy and rather warm sweater that British sailors have used for years... Not to be confused with the "Wooly Pully" with its canvas patches on the shoulders and elbows that many NATO armed services are issued with... No, these sweaters are the ones that many remember from films of WWII stories of battles fought in the Atlantic or the Mediterranean... or maybe images of bikers in the 50s and 60s with the hero wearing a black leather jacket with a roll-neck ecru sweater underneath...Maybe my sense of smell is not what it used to be, or maybe this sweater has a little more of the natural lanolin already removed but the smell was not quite as strong... That is probably not a bad thing... this sweater is fantastic ! I know that this will be used often and for many years... and without experiencing people asking "What is that smell ?" and me explaining the wonders of wool and lanolin...This is the Submariner in Mid Grey... now my only problem is.... deciding on the next... sweater or cardigan ? Blue or Ecru ?? But for now I am looking forward to the Scandinavian autumn and winter... and being kept warm whilst maybe remembering days from an earlier life...

Hi N.S.C.
It has just arrived and I wanted to say thank you! I think that's literally the fastest anything has ever been delivered in the history of the universe.
The jumper is beautiful! Perfectly cut, slim, long and incredibly warm. You can feel it as soon as you put it on! Looks great under my Belstaff jacket too. I will certainly be back for more.
Thankyou again.

Dear North Sea Clothing,
I received the expedition sweater in the mail today here in Beijing, and it's fantastic - heavy, warm, and fits perfectly. The bag it came in and custom letter are also a great touch. I'm looking forward to wearing it while biking around the chilly streets of old Beijing, and on an upcoming climbing trip to Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan this spring.

Looks like I bought your new marled wool rollneck just in time. We're having record cold this winter and I've practically been living in your sweaters. Next couple of days are going to -5 degrees (about -20 Celsius) with windchill around -37 Cl. Thanks, again!
Brent Richardson JAN 2014

Good afternoon Neil! Wanted to let you know I got the pullover for Christmas and it is doing me great service in 7 degree Fahrenheit weather (-13) at the moment. Thanks again!

The weather has conspired to provide a week (maybe more) of storms just after my sweater arrived. (Jan 2014) The Submariner has passed.
With flying colours.
Long may the storms rage.
4th January 2014

Just to confirm I received the sweater yesterday... it fantastic and fit's perfectly... thanks for your help... nice to know such good things still exist!
P Gardner

Purchased a Submariner in Navy in August 2013. I have never loved a sweater so much. It is perfect.
J Reilly Canbridge MA

When I saw the Submariner in the Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin I
imediately knew that this is the one. And… it is the one. Perfect!!!!!
Thank you very much from Germany, where Summer is a Wednesday
afternoon and good clothing gets you through the rest of the year.

Received the tan Explorer wallet today. Wow! That was fast (I’m in the U S). It is beautiful! Thanks again!
G Goldberg
23 May 2013

North Sea-
I just received my Navy color Submariner sweater and it is quite simply outstanding. The fit and quality is everything I’d hoped it would be. Truly a cut above most other things I have come across.The two civilian ladies I work with were quite impressed and even commented on the stamping and labeling on the shipping box.I just wish that my Navy produced something of this high quality. I will enthusiastically recommend North Sea to any serious aviators and sailors I know.To all hands – well done.
James C, USN
Lakehurst, NJ
17 April 2013

Thanks so much for the fast shipping. The Submariner arrived in Brooklyn yesterday and its fantastic. I’m on my bike every day and this is the perfect jumper. Will probably order another one when I’m back in the uk. Thanks so much. I grew up surfing on the North East coast around Saltburn so the name North Sea has a lot of value for me!
Jon Paul

Just a quick note to say belated thanks for the Intrepid, I live in Copenhagen and only got back yesterday to see the jumper waiting for me at my folks’ house – it really is a class bit of kit and is right up there in terms of quality with the original guernsey I also own. I’m sure it will more than cope with the rigours of a Danish winter!Really chuffed!
Kind Regards,Mark

Received belt and Expedition sweater today. Both fit perfectly and the quality is exceptional. Made the mistake of showing my wife your website last night. She is programme leader for Fashion at University and loved your products (particularly the bags). Think it is going to cost me!
Many thanks,Nick

The Sweater is just awesome very good QUALITY !!!!!!!!!!!!!
I might buy another one pretty soon..
Thanks a lot

I just received the ECRU Submariner order today.
It took only six days to reach Canada.
I’m wearing the sweater right now, and a huge grin. I could not have asked for anything better.
Thank-you NSC for outstanding service and quality of garment.
Calgary, Canada

Hi N.S.C
I have been meaning to contact you to say thank you for such a brilliant piece of clothing. I admire goods that you can clearly see the craft involved in putting together. This garment feels robust and made to last. The size is spot on and feels like it will keep the most ardent weather at bay! A real design classic!
My wife is now looking at pinching — think I may have to get another!
Also, like the detail in packaging.
Very best,Craig

I received my expedition sweater today and I must say: I love it. Looking forward to be wearing it during the coming Swedish winter and during next summers sailing season. I have one question, how did you find the “drawings” for the sweater? Who used it, the army? And when? Just curious. and it fits perfectly. Also thanks for the fast delivery and personal and neat packing! Thank you and hope your business prospers!
H P. Gothenburg, Sweden
17 Sep2012

Dear North Sea Clothing,
I just received my Expedition sweater in navy blue, and wanted to say
how fantastic it is! Easily the best wool sweater of it’s type I’ve
encountered. Thanks also for your sizing advise – I went one up for the
slightly looser fit and it’s fantastic.
14 Sep 2012

Got the size 38 on Friday, absolutely wonderful, perfect vintage shape. Thanks for sorting it out and I look forward to buying from you again.
All the best

Just received my size 44 ecru submariner. I have been wanting one for years
I’m just under 6’ and weigh about 80kgs or so. I was worried that it would be too big.
I would normally be a 42, but your advice to go 1 size up was spot on.
The jumper is beautiful quality and clearly made to last. The wool is obviously tough and a little heavier than the website photos suggest.
It’s also a slightly more buttery tone. I was very happy with both its weight and colour.
You should do one in marl i’d buy another tomorrow.
All in all a really first class product.
Quick shipping to the other side of the world too.
Just the thing for a cold and wet Tasmanian winter.
Thanks v much.

Received the ECRU Submariner in size 48 the other day. Perfect fit. Good advice about sizing up one, as I’m a 46 usually and the 48 was right on. I’ve owned the Eastman RAF as well as the George Steers Submariner and was issued a Canadian Navy Roll Neck back in the 80′s and though they were all quality garments, they don’t hold a candle to NSC. I’ve since ordered another Submariner is Navy Blue, which says it all about how I feel about your product. Nice to see the MOD specs label in them too.
Very best regards from Vancouver,
D. Morritt

I just received my submariner jumper in the post. It’s bloody fantastic! I have a huge grin on my face, what a wonderful bit of kit!
Thank you
Captain Jon Kemp (yes, I really am a captain)
I got the cream sweater yesterday. I am very, very pleased with quality and cut.
Best regards,

Dear N.S.C.
The sweater arrived and fits perfect. Many thanks. Worth waiting.
The sweater arrived today and it fit perfectly.
Thanks again for this great stuff.

After I use my Exp. Sweater, which I bought some month ago, during the winter I have today decided to buy me another one. This time the Submariner Sweater in navy blue. I post my order via paypal already. Just one word to the sweater. After I had taken years only “high-tech”, I am glad to have come back to the origin. The best sweater I have ever worn in the winter. Under my Irvin-Jacket during some winter tours with my sidecar-motorbike it protect me perfect against the elements.
Thanks for this great stuff!
Greetings from Germany,

Thank you very much – I received the navy sub today. Fit and quality is great! I’ll keep checking your stock for the ecru ones.

Bought a 40″ Expedition, delivered today, love it.
I just received my Submariner which I ordered around September 30th. It is awesome, it fit me perfectly, your sizing instruction was precise and useful, and I LOVE THIS SWEATER! I can’t wait to run around in the rain and snow this winter. I’m going to order an Expedition from you the same size as soon as a Navy Blue colour 44 is in stock. I’m gonna tell all my friends and post on Facebook.
Kindest regards from a Yank across the Pond.
Thank you thank you thank you
A Jackson
Utah, USA
p.s. I even like the smell…ewww
Hello there
Just received your two sweaters.
Great Job. Great Pieces.
Thank You
Hey all received the Submariner sweater today and it is GREAT! Just as advertised and is a perfect fit. Thanks to you all. Please put me on your email list.
B Boyer
Receipt the expedition sweater great!! Real the best one I see, Bravo!! Great wool, great sizing…Thanks for your job,
A Big Thank You!!
Big thanks for item received. A very nice product indeed, I will be placing further orders in the near future. Please email me for future product notifications
Best Wishes
Arrived today and they fit perfectly and look great. Thanks very much
I received the sweater today. I think it has a really amazing feeling of sturdiness. When will have the cream ones back in stock?
G. Iovanni
The sweater arrived a few days ago. I’m blown away. The fit is amazing. Definitely going to be my go-to sweater this winter. Thanks for all your help and thanks for making such a great product.
I’ve got a quick question for you, hope you can help. I recently found an old photo of Steve McQueen wearing a jacket, have you got any idea what it may be?
Cheers replacement arrived on Saturday, as did my first born son, so sorry for the delay in reply. Sweater is great and is my boy.
Jumper arrived, it is brilliant. I will order a blue one shortly.
I’ve ordered and received the Submariner Sweater and it turned out to be the single best jumper I’ve ever owned.
M. Donkers
Got the sweater this afternoon. Used to have an Australian girlfriend who used to sing the praises of unscoured wool sweaters, or “stinky jumpers” as she called them. The sweater looks, feels, and smells wonderful. Looking forward to trying in out in heavy weather. On average, my part of the U.S. gets more rain than Glasgow, and it’s colder, too. Hope the cream-colored sweaters get sold on your website. Blue is nice, but I’ve two white dogs.
Brent Richardson
I purchased a cream expedition jumper last week or so, beautiful garment just wants to know what the best way to get rid of is the smell not washed it yet would that do it!
Many thanks
Just a brief note to thank you for the very prompt shipment of the above order which I received yesterday. The jumper is definitely ship shape and Bristol Fashion and has already been put to the test this morning on the sea shore where I live 16 miles north of Dublin. We are experiencing a nuclear winter a bit like yourselves. It is marvellous to get top quality these days without made in China or some far eastern sweat shop label on the product.
Your website does not show the cream variety in size 42. If out of stock at present perhaps you might e mail me when available. Once again congrats and many thanks. Happy Christmas to all.
Co. Dublin
Hello I just thought I’d let you know my expedition arrived safe and well this morning. It is a cracking jumper. I wish you every success in the future; you have a very good product there.
Thank you
Good morning,
Today the sweater arrived. It fits perfectly and the quality is excellent. Really an awesome sweater which will hopefully protect me against the elements during my winter tours with my sidecar motorbike. I will wear it under my Irvin or Barbour Jacket.
Again thanks a lot,

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